Forced to Bloom

Wars have been started over bodies like yours.

Rachel Malinsky has been curvy as long as she can remember. BBW, voluptuous, Rubenesque… she’s heard all the sexy ways of describing her figure, but a string of previous boyfriends nonetheless left her for thinner women. Frustrated, she decides to try something she’s read about in a popular novel trilogy, not realizing that doing so will change her life forever in ways she can’t possibly imagine.

Rachel isn’t certain the “Billionaire seeks submissive” ad in Craigslist was actually placed by a billionaire, nor does she know if this man will be interested in her curvy body. Hell, she isn’t even sure she really wants to be a submissive to begin with. But the moment he starts instructing her to do things that frighten and excite her in equal amounts, she’s hooked. To complicate matters, she doesn’t know who he is or what he looks like. Can Rachel ever convince the man she knows only as M to meet her face-to-face? More importantly, how can she be falling in love with a man she has never seen?

Forced to Bloom is a sexy, sizzling, intelligent romance that will arouse your lust and engage your mind.