Free Pass

How far would YOUR wife go with a free pass in a tropical paradise?

For years, Dustin has secretly yearned to watch his beautiful wife Chloe with another man. He plans an exotic vacation for their fifth anniversary, but doesn’t tell her that he’s taking her to a sex resort, and when she finds out she’s livid. Little by little, though, the tropical setting, Dustin’s pleading, the abundant alcohol, and the hot naked bodies on display all around her ignite Chloe’s libido. Her excitement builds until she can’t help but give in, slowing moving from a single mild oral encounter with a total stranger to participating in the sluttiest way imaginable. Dustin watches his wife become a more exciting woman right before his eyes, eventually ending up the only woman in a wild party with a gang of hot guys.

Chloe learns that giving in to her most husband’s most twisted fantasies might be more sexy fun than she ever imagined. And Dustin learns that when you have a hot wife like Chloe, you should be careful what you wish for.