Her Harem

Why choose one rock star when you can have FIVE?

When image rehabilitation expert Kelsey Lambert is called in to help save the reputation of world-famous rock band Harem, falling in love is the last thing on her mind. After all, her career’s on the line, and keeping untamed musicians out of trouble is a massive undertaking. But when the gig puts her on a tropical resort island with the sexy, unrepentant bad boys, she struggles to remain professional as her inhibitions rapidly melt away. Although getting romantically involved with five rock stars at the same time was definitely NOT part of her business plan, Kelsey soon begins to realize she’s fighting against the very thing she craves most. She was sent to save Harem, but maybe they’ll end up saving her.

Her Harem is a steamy reverse harem romance with scorching graphic sex scenes and a deliciously happy ending. Hot, hot, HOT!

Saving Her Harem

So it turns out being in a relationship with an entire rock band isn’t always easy. Who knew?

Kelsey Lambert helped save the reputation of world-famous rockers Harem, only to fall in love with all of them in the process, and the five musicians are equally smitten with Kelsey and willing to share her.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sure enough, their relationship is put to the test during a working vacation at an English country manor, when faces from the band’s past show up and begin to undo everything Kelsey and her men have worked so hard to achieve.

Will Kelsey be able to save her harem?

Or was this whole arrangement was doomed from the start?