Hollywood Bad Boys Club

You want alpha males? How about four of the most alpha alpha males you’ve ever seen?

Hollywood Bad Boys Club consists of four full-length books about a group of Hollywood alpha males who pride themselves on the many women they bed while avoiding messy emotional entanglements — until they meet the women who change everything.

Book 1, Drake: Drake Manning is the world’s biggest movie star and goes through more women in a month than most guys do in a lifetime. He’s a notorious bad boy who’s determined not to let anyone spoil his fun, especially Allie Winters, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who thinks actors are shallow. What happens when the two of them accidentally discover an intense mutual attraction that neither can understand or control?

Book 2, Mason: Smart, beautiful Hollywood talent agency owner Claire Jarrett gets buzzed one night and makes a silly bet with Mason Stark, the ridiculously sexy alpha male who owns a competing agency. Now in the light of day, Claire can’t believe what she agreed to wager, and the man she’s trying desperately to despise is beginning to look like so much more than just a business rival.

Book 3, Marcus: Devastatingly handsome young pro basketball star Marcus Jennings is cruising through life, earning obscene amounts of money playing a game and scoring equally off the court with groupies and club girls. He hits a speed bump when he meets Rashida Blanchard, a beautiful professional woman and single mother who refuses to put up with his shit. Can alpha-male Marcus afford to walk away from someone who sees his true potential better than he ever has?

Book 4, Link: Private security specialist Lincoln Ramirez becomes an overnight hero when he saves a little girl’s life. Hollywood tattoo shop owner Raven Maddox wants Link to bring attention to her business. Soon her ink isn’t the only thing that’s gotten under his skin, but Raven encounters a roadblock in Link’s mysterious tortured past.