Mr. Indigo

Carter: So yeah, I’m a tech wizard and the world’s third-richest man. But even billionaires have problems, and I’ve been given an ultimatum by my company’s board of directors: Shape up or you’ll be replaced. In order to rehab my ridiculous bad-boy image, they’re forcing me to be seen in public repeatedly with the same woman for a month. And I have the perfect redhead in mind for the job. Now if I can just keep my heart out of the equation.

Selby: I’ve never met Carter Wynn before, but that doesn’t stop me from despising him and his predictable alpha-male ways. So when he calls me for a date, I’d love to tell him what an asshole he is. Only I can’t, because my new bosses are depending on me to land his company’s giant account. When I start to fall for Carter despite myself, I realize I’ll have to tell him my big secret. But why would a multi-billionaire want anything to do with a 22-year-old virgin?


The Flirt Club does it again! Hold on tight! Our Mr. Billionaire series has 14 of your favorite romance authors bringing you hot and steamy billionaires who are about to meet their happily ever afters–only they don’t know it yet. Come along for the ride, again and again. And with billionaires, you know their wallets aren’t the only things bulging.

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