My Wedding Knight

Abby: I have one job. That’s it, just one: Babysit the bad-boy soccer hero for a week, so that he doesn’t embarrass the entire country before his knighthood ceremony.

Everything goes according to plan until I somehow end up in his bed and on the cover of every tabloid in England, my heart shattered in a million pieces and my job in jeopardy. Brilliant, Abby.

Rory: What reason do I have to believe that this curvy blonde is any different from every other woman I’ve met? Sure, she’s smart and beautiful and funny and amazing in bed and… did I mention those luscious curves? Right, I am definitely in trouble.

But trouble comes in many forms, and it’s not until I’ve brought shame on the Crown and ruined the life of the woman I love that I realize the truth about who I am and decide it’s time to finally do something about it.



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