Seducing My Billionaire Stepbrother

What if the perfect man lived one room over while you were growing up?

Jared and I were the perfect couple. Well, almost perfect.

I had never thought of my tech genius billionaire stepbrother in that way until the day I accidentally saw him naked. But oh my god, that moment might change both of our lives forever. Now I can’t get Jared’s gorgeous, so-well-endowed body off my mind. Because we grew up in the same house, any sexual contact between us is obviously taboo and forbidden, but that only makes me want him more. I can’t even be sure he wants me in that way, but I am consumed by my lust and want only to get utterly filthy with him. Standing in my way is Jared’s vile bitch of a fiancée, Heather, but I intend to crash his raunchy bachelor party wearing a mask and seduce him.

Hey, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him… right?