Slow Burn

FIRE CAUTION: The contents of this book are extremely hot and might cause arousal.

Tyler Jackson isn’t looking for romance, but he certainly wants to see what this Jess woman might have to offer once he separates her from her clothes. While it seems impossible that they could duplicate the intensity of their scorching hot initial rendezvous, Ty soon learns it’s equally intense every time they’re naked together.

Jess Hensen is smitten by the insanely sexy firefighter who’s just risked his life to save an entire litter of kittens. Is it his looks or his bravery that’s so enticing? Or could it be that vague sense that she’s seen him somewhere before? When she learns of his dark, dangerous past, will she be too taken with him to walk away like she knows she should?

Or will Jess risk everything to stay by Ty’s side?