Spring Break Breaking Bad

I came to Spring Break with one goal in mind: Finally lose my virginity.

My roommate made me take a vow that I would embrace the tradition of drunken debauchery and find a guy to teach me about sex. “Any guy will do,” she said. And there are tons of hot college boys here.

What I never expected was to run into the tenth-grade English teacher I used to have such a huge crush on.

Mr. Curtis is six years older now, almost forty, but he’s even hotter than I remember. And the best part is: I’m six years older, too.

I was looking for a sex teacher, and I think I found the perfect one. I just need to get Mr. Curtis to notice I’m a woman now.

But I have a plan that will guarantee he sees how much I’ve changed.

Spring Break Breaking Bad is a short second-chance romance between a college girl and a (kind of) older man. There’s flirting, romance, hot sex, love, even hotter sex, and an epilogue HEA. All the feels you could ever want in a one-hour read!

Is it getting hot in here?

We hope so! Just in time for Spring Break, your favorite Flirt Club authors have put together some steamy, short stories about sexy times in the sun! So grab a pina colada and take a break with our Spring Breakers. We promise you will get hot and bothered with our hunky hotties!!

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