Quinn and Carson have been best friends since second grade, inseparable but not romantic in any sense. Sure, he was getting more handsome every year, but he was her best friend. Off-limits. Taboo. Quinn refused to even consider him in any other role.

During their college years, they made a silly drunken pact to get married if they were both single when they turned thirty. Then they drifted apart.

Every failed relationship in her life has reminded Quinn of how special a man her best friend truly is, and how all other men fall short.

Now years later, goal-oriented Carson makes a surprise visit for Thanksgiving dinner with a newly made fortune and one thing left to accomplish.

Can both people get the lucky side of the wishbone?

Wishboned is part of Second Helpings, a group of eleven short stories released by acclaimed romance authors. Each book is a second-chance romance that takes place during Thanksgiving. All guaranteed sweeter than sweet potato pie and dirtier than a sink full of dishes!