Spring Break Breaking Bad

New Spring Breakers Novella

I came to Spring Break with one goal in mind: Finally lose my virginity.

My roommate made me take a vow that I would embrace the tradition of drunken debauchery and find a guy to teach me about sex. “Any guy will do,” she said. And there are tons of hot college boys here.

What I never expected was to run into the tenth-grade English teacher I used to have such a huge crush on.

Mr. Curtis is six years older now, almost forty, but he’s even hotter than I remember. And the best part is: I’m six years older, too.

I was looking for a sex teacher, and I think I found the perfect one. I just need to get Mr. Curtis to notice I’m a woman now.

But I have a plan that will guarantee he sees how much I’ve changed.

Spring Break Breaking Bad is a short second-chance romance between a college girl and a (kind of) older man. There’s flirting, romance, hot sex, love, even hotter sex, and an epilogue HEA. All the feels you could ever want in a one-hour read!

“Lovely, sweet, hot and certainly also romantic! 5 stars from me!”

“Short and steamy second chance romance with lots of flirting, love and a HEA.”

Romance at its best!”

ARC readers

Mr. Indigo

New Mr. Billionaire Novella

Carter: So yeah, I’m a tech wizard and the world’s third-richest man. But even billionaires have problems, and I’ve been given an ultimatum by my company’s board of directors: Shape up or you’ll be replaced. In order to rehab my ridiculous bad-boy image, they’re forcing me to be seen in public repeatedly with the same woman for a month. And I have the perfect redhead in mind for the job. Now if I can just keep my heart out of the equation.

Selby: I’ve never met Carter Wynn before, but that doesn’t stop me from despising him and his predictable alpha-male ways. So when he calls me for a date, I’d love to tell him what an asshole he is. Only I can’t, because my new bosses are depending on me to land his company’s giant account. When I start to fall for Carter despite myself, I realize I’ll have to tell him my big secret. But why would a multi-billionaire want anything to do with a 22-year-old virgin?

“What a story! Selby & Carter are fun & sassy. They’re sexy & romantic.”

“The chemistry between them is intense and off the charts. Highly recommended!”

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Beauty and the Beast of Venice

An Epic Love Story Novel

It’s the year 1690, and Antonia Crivelli’s father has arranged for her to be married to one of the wealthiest, most handsome men in Venice. Although her fiancé seems strangely uninterested in her, 19-year-old Antonia naively hopes things will be better after the wedding.

Everything changes the day Antonia meets Tavros, the mysterious shipyard blacksmith whose smoldering glances leave no doubt as to where his desires lie. In the Greek blacksmith, Antonia sees the chance for true love and soon finds it impossible to banish him from her thoughts.

But Tavros harbors a deep, dark secret he can’t share with anyone—a secret so terrifying it threatens to tear both of their lives apart.


This historical paranormal romance retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story is set in post-Renaissance Italy, when even the slightest glance or gesture could convey more pent-up desire than a month’s worth of texts and emojis do nowadays. Antonia is a strong female protagonist unafraid to buck the system in search of true love, and Tavros is a tortured soul on the verge of losing all hope.

Best-Selling Series by Alexis

The Billionaires’ Executive Sweet

Chelsea Broussard can’t decide which is worse: her boring sex life or her boring job.

Then an unexpectedly hot rendezvous with a mysterious alpha male billionaire leads to a new job offer: He and four of his alpha male billionaire buddies need a playmate, someone open-minded and adventurous, to accompany them on their deviant sexual escapades.

Chelsea makes the leap and leaves her old status quo behind for an exciting opportunity that will lead her into some reckless and unimaginably hot situations—the most dangerous being falling in love with a man she can’t possibly have.

Forced to Bloom

Curvy Rachel Malinsky is tired of boyfriends leaving her for thinner women. Frustrated, she decides to shake things up by trying something she read about in a popular romance novel.

She isn’t certain the “Billionaire dom seeks submissive” ad was placed by a real billionaire, nor does she know if he’ll be interested in her voluptuous body. Hell, she isn’t even sure she really wants to be a sub to begin with. But the moment he starts instructing her to do naughty things that equally terrify and excite her, she’s hooked.

Can Rachel ever convince the man she knows only as M to meet her face-to-face? And how can she be falling in love with a man she has never seen?

Sex Education

Rebecca Beiler’s recent sexual urges are at odds with her strict religious upbringing. Married at 17 to a sexually repressed man who left her a widow, at age 26 she now finds herself yearning to be taken hard by hot men with chiseled bodies.

When an indiscretion with a neighbor leads to an expulsion from her community, Rebecca attempts to purge herself of her sinful desires by fully giving into them. Unfortunately, each new intoxicating encounter only intensifies her lustful cravings, leading Rebecca to dark recesses of the sexual underground and compelling her to do things the likes of which she never imagined herself capable.


Alexis Adaire is the undisputed queen of strong female protagonists.

– amazon reviewer

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Wicked Urges

New Series

Investigative reporter Mia Travers only wanted a story. She never intended to fall under the spell of the mysterious Davien King. But there she was, crawling across the floor naked because he’d demanded it. Even more inexplicably, she was more excited than she’d been in years.